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  • What does an Administrator do?

    If you're naturally organised and adept at multitasking, a career in Administration might be the perfect fit for you.

    Administrators serve as the backbone of offices and departments, providing essential support to ensure everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Their main role is to manage the administrative tasks that keep the workplace functioning effectively.

    This includes tasks such as:

    • Typing Correspondence: Administrators often handle the drafting, formatting, and distribution of various types of correspondence, including emails, letters, and memos.

    • Organising Paperwork and Filing Systems: Keeping paperwork organized and accessible is crucial for efficient operations. Administrators are responsible for implementing and maintaining office filing systems to ensure documents are easily retrievable when needed.

    • Managing Incoming and Outgoing Post: Administrators handle incoming mail, distribute it to the appropriate recipients, and manage outgoing mail to ensure timely delivery.

    • Taking and Redirecting Calls or Managing the Switchboard: Acting as the first point of contact for the office, administrators answer phone calls, take messages, and redirect calls to the appropriate individuals or departments. In larger organizations, they may also manage the switchboard.

    • Scheduling Meetings: Administrators coordinate and schedule meetings, including booking conference rooms, sending out meeting invites, and ensuring attendees are notified of any changes.

    • Carrying out Other Administrative Errands: Administrators may be tasked with various administrative errands, such as photocopying documents, sending faxes, ordering office supplies, and handling other day-to-day tasks to support the smooth operation of the office.

    Overall, administrators play a vital role in maintaining the efficiency and organization of the workplace, allowing other employees to focus on their core responsibilities. If you enjoy keeping things running like a well-oiled machine, a career in Administration could be a fulfilling choice.

  • Is a career an Administrator right for me?

    Wondering if Administration is your calling? If you excel in organisation, enjoy assisting others, and thrive in keeping operations running smoothly, it could be the perfect fit. With opportunities for multitasking and supporting teams, a career as an Administrator offers a fulfilling path.

  • Career progression



    Up to £20,000



    Up to £25,000



    Up to £30,000

  • What’s it like to be an Administrator?

    Being an Administrator is like being the glue that holds everything together. From managing paperwork and scheduling meetings to handling calls and ensuring the office runs smoothly, it's a role that requires versatility and organization. Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to support the team and keep operations running seamlessly. It's about being the go-to person for administrative tasks, providing vital support, and playing a key role in the overall efficiency of the workplace. In essence, being an Administrator is about keeping the wheels turning and enabling others to focus on their core responsibilities.

Get qualified as an Administrator

Embark on the path to becoming an Administrator by acquiring the essential qualifications. Consider courses in office administration, business management, and computer skills. Pursue certifications such as Microsoft Office Specialist or Certified Administrative Professional. Combine theoretical knowledge with practical experience to excel in this dynamic and rewarding role.

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