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Configuring Windows 7 Online Course

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100 100 100 0 Microsoft’s Configuring Windows 7 course imparts the necessary skills and knowledge for deploying Windows 7, configuring hardware and its applications, mobile applications and network connectivity. https://mytrainingacademy.org.uk/pub/media/catalog/product/6/_/6.jpg
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  • Course Type Online Course
  • Course Duration 35 Hours
  • Course Access 12 Months
  • Awarded By Microsoft
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Microsoft’s Configuring Windows 7 course imparts the necessary skills and knowledge for deploying Windows 7, configuring hardware and its applications, mobile applications and network connectivity.
Course Description

Although the exam(s) associated with this course has been retired by Microsoft, this course still retains value as a training resource & learners will receive a certificate of completion after completing the course.

Microsoft's Configuring Windows 7 online course imparts the necessary skills and knowledge for deploying Windows 7, configuring hardware and its applications, mobile applications and network connectivity. Certified professionals can perform a clean installation of Windows 7 with confidence.

The Configuring Windows 7 course has been designed to give you real-world knowledge that you can put to use from day one. It's highly flexible, so you can set your own timetable and study at your own pace.

For anyone who manages their Microsoft training, this Microsoft 70-680 training can be used for 70-680 exam prep, on-boarding new staff, or as part of a team training plan.


  • Improve your career prospects.
  • Learn valuable knowledge, skills, advice and guidance to help you achieve success.
  • Study online from anywhere.
  • Study at your own pace.
  • Download and print your certificate of completion.

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Who is this course for?

Ideal for technicians whose job role involves configuring and installing Windows 7 as a standalone network or as a part of a Windows active directory domain in a larger environment.

By choosing online learning instead of a classroom based course, it eliminates the need for time away from work, saving you valuable time and money. It is ideal for those with tight schedules as our online courses give you 12 months unlimited access to all the course materials, so you can study at a pace that suits you. Allowing you to easily resume your studies whenever you have the time. All you need is internet connection to study, so you can study from the comfort of your home or any environment that suits you.

Course Assessment Process

You'll sit an exam at a local test centre. We provide interactive quizzes after each module and a mock exam at the end of your course to ensure you're fully prepared for the real thing. Once you've passed with at least 80%, you'll be able to book your exam as a private candidate.

Exam Code:

  • 70-680

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Our training works on all devices including Mobile phones, IPad’s, Android tablets, Macs and PC’s.

For the best viewing experience on our state-of-the-art eLearning platform we recommend an internet connection of 10Mbps or better. Please also use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox as your browser with Adobe Flash Player.

Career Path

We've put together a list of relevant job titles you can apply for after achieving the Microsoft 70-680 TS: Configuring Windows 7 certification (note that some careers may require further study, training and/or work experience):

  • Desktop Support
  • Windows 7 Specialist
  • Windows Consultant
  • Windows Administrator

Career Advice

Once you have achieved your certification, you'll have full access to our recruitment package for a wide range of information and advice - including:

  • How to put together a killer CV, Covering Letters and Thank You emails.
  • How to gain relevant work experience.
  • How to prepare for interviews.
  • How to understand Job adverts.
  • How to choose the right recruitment agency.
  • How to look for work on LinkedIn.
  • Information on dealing with redundancy.

Our careers advice section is available for you to see now. For more information about our career advice services, contact us on 0808 175 1269 to speak with one of our friendly course advisors today.

Career Development

Getting a Microsoft certification will always help you stand out from the crowd, now and in the future - whether you're just starting out, developing your career, or changing direction entirely.


Research by e-Skills UK has shown that IT and telecommunications now employs 1 in 20 of the UK workforce. It also suggests the digital sector will need nearly 300,000 new recruits by 2020 to meet the demand for skills in this area.

Course Outline
Module 1: Installing, Upgrading, and Migrating Windows 7
  • 1.1 Course and Instructor Introduction
  • 1.2 Introducing Windows 7 - Part 1
  • 1.3 Introducing Windows 7- Part 2
  • 1.4 PreInstallation Requirements- Part 1
  • 1.5 PreInstallation Requirements- Part 2
  • 1.6 Installing Windows 7- Part 1
  • 1.7 Installing Windows 7- Part 2
  • 1.8 Upgrading Windows 7
  • 1.9 Migrating Windows 7
Module 2: Deploying Windows 7 in the Enterprise
  • 2.1 Overview of Image Based Installations- Part1
  • 2.2 Overview of Image Based Installations- Part2
  • 2.3 Overview of Image Based Installations Demo
  • 2.4 Capturing System Images-Part1
  • 2.5 Capturing System Images-Part2
  • 2.6 Capturing System Images-Part3
  • 2.7 Preparing Images for Deployment- Part1
  • 2.8 Preparing Images for Deployment- Part2
  • 2.9 Working with User State
  • 2.10 Working with Virtual Drives
  • 2.11 Activating Windows 7
Module 3: Enterprise Management in Windows 7
  • 3.1 Automating Management Using Group Policy-Part1
  • 3.2 Automating Management Using Group Policy-Part2
  • 3.3 Automating Management Using Group Policy-Part3
  • 3.4 Using Windows Powershell 2.0- Part1
  • 3.5 Using Windows Powershell 2.0- Part2
  • 3.6 Using Windows Powershell 2.0- Part3\
Module 4: Configuring Hardware and Applications
  • 4.1 Working with Device Drivers-Part1
  • 4.2 Working with Device Drivers-Part2
  • 4.3 Working with Hard Disks-Part1
  • 4.4 Working with Hard Disks-Part2
  • 4.5 Configuring Application Compatiblty
  • 4.6 Configuring Internet Explorer-Part1
  • 4.7 Configuring Internet Explorer-Part2
  • 4.8 Configuring Application Restrictions
Module 5: Configuring Network Connectivity
  • 5.1 Configuring TCP/IP-Part1
  • 5.2 Configuring TCP/IP-Part2
  • 5.3 IP Address Assignment-Part1
  • 5.4 IP Address Assignment-Part2
  • 5.5 Name Resolution Services-Part1
  • 5.6 Name Resolution Services-Part2
  • 5.7 Wireless Networking-Part1
  • 5.8 Wireless Networking-Part2
  • 5.9 Remote Management
  • 5.10 Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues
Module 6: Configuring Access to Resources
  • 6.1 Authentication and Authorization
  • 6.2 Managing Access to Files Using NTFS
  • 6.3 Managing Sharing
  • 6.4 Managing Shared Printers
  • 6.5 Configuring Branch Cache
Module 7: Configuring Mobile Computing
  • 7.1 Configuring Mobile Computer and Device Settings-Part1
  • 7.2 Configuring Mobile Computer and Device Settings-Part2
  • 7.3 Configuring Remote Access-Part1
  • 7.4 Configuring Remote Access-Part2
Module 8: Configuring Security Options
  • 8.1 User Account Control
  • 8.2 Encrypting File Systems
  • 8.3 Bit Locker Drive Encryption-Part1
  • 8.4 Bit Locker Drive Encryption-Part2
  • 8.5 Network Access Protection
  • 8.6 Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  • 8.7 Configuring Anti-Malware
  • 8.8 Auditing Network Access
Module 9: Monitoring and Maintaining Systems
  • 9.1 Configuring Windows Updates
  • 9.2 Event Monitoring
  • 9.3 Performance Monitoring
Module 10: Configuring Backup and Recovery Options
  • 10.1 Troubleshooting Startup Issues
  • 10.2 Using Windows Backup
  • 10.3 Using System Restore
  • 10.4 Course Outro
Training Features
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