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  1. What Is Cisco CCNA?
    March 01, 2022

    What Is Cisco CCNA?

    The world of technology has come a very long way over recent years. There are now many people who enjoy lucrative careers working in the tech industry, and many others that have ambitions to break into this type of career.

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  2. How to set goals to improve your career in 2022
    January 18, 2022

    How to set goals to improve your career in 2022

    With the new year brings new ambitions and dreams to fulfil – our personal goals might see us sign up to a gym, commit to reading more or create a new budget for savings. But did you know that by setting specific, scalable goals, you can vastly improve your career prospects too?

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  3. Who is at risk of asbestos exposure?
    January 08, 2022

    Who is at risk of asbestos exposure?

    If someone inhales or swallows asbestos particles, they risk getting various diseases including cancer which could lead to lifelong health conditions or death. While any asbestos exposure can cause adverse health effects, those that are exposed to it over long-term are at the greatest risk of suffering severe consequences.
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  4. Do Cleaners Need COSHH Training?
    January 07, 2022

    Do Cleaners Need COSHH Training?

    What Is COSHH Training and Why Is It Important for Cleaners?

    Businesses that use hazardous substances must ensure that suitable control measures are in place to avoid major issues. Part of this includes proper training for certain members of staff such as cleaners. One of the training requirements is COSHH (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health) training, and this is essential to ensure that those who deal with hazardous substances have the knowledge and training to handle them safely.

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  5. The Best Cybersecurity Certifications of 2022
    January 06, 2022

    The Best Cybersecurity Certifications of 2022

    In today’s increasingly digital world, there are certain tech services that are very much in demand. This includes the services of cybersecurity professionals, with demand for these types of services by far outweighing supply.

    The shortage of cybersecurity experts means that anyone who does move into this type of career can look forward to stability, excellent pay, and ongoing demand for their services. However, you first need to ensure you have the necessary qualifications, which means looking into the best cybersecurity certifications.

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  6. How to start a catering business
    January 04, 2022

    How to start a catering business


    If you have a love for cooking, baking and events, you might want to merge your passions and take yourself in a new direction by starting your very own catering company. After all, catering is a multi-million-pound industry and, despite some hiccups such as the Coronavirus pandemic, the sector continues to grow as more people start their new business from the comfort of their own homes.

    Indeed, it could be the lucrative career-move you’ve been hoping for, but getting the wheels in motion to open your new catering business is a different story. You’ll need to draft a thorough business plan, set time aside to complete all the paperwork, accrue relevant certifications and gather enough equipment to make it work – not to mention the marketing you’ll also need to do!

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  7. Do I need a food hygiene certificate to sell cakes from home?
    December 15, 2021

    Do I need a food hygiene certificate to sell cakes from home?

    Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us tried our hands at baking during lockdown for the first time. However, for those with a dash of entrepreneurial spirit and a sprinkle of optimism, baking can soon turn into a lucrative hobby.

    If your friends and family adore your creations, why not share your cakes with the wider world outside and turn your passion into an income stream?

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  8. What are the COSHH Requirements in a School?
    December 15, 2021

    What are the COSHH Requirements in a School?

    There are many working environments where hazardous substances can be found in various forms. This includes schools, which can be home to a wide variety of hazardous substances. It is not just areas such as chemistry labs in schools that house these substances – they can also be found in many other areas of the school as they are used for a wide variety of purposes such as cleaning and carrying out decorating and repairs at the facility.

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  9.  What is Asbestos?
    December 14, 2021

    What is Asbestos?

    Asbestos is a natural fibre that has been used extensively in the construction industry. In the 1990’s it’s detrimental health effects began to come to mainstream attention which led to more education around its negative effects.

    For the majority of the 20th century, the dangers of asbestos were not known. During this time, it was often used in buildings for insulation, flooring, roofing and was sprayed on ceilings and walls. Many buildings that were constructed prior to 2000 may have asbestos in them.

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  10. Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Skills in 2021
    February 07, 2021

    Fastest Growing Cybersecurity Skills in 2021

    Cybersecurity's fastest-growing skill areas reflect the high priority organizations place on building secure digital infrastructures that can scale. Application Development Security and Cloud Security are by far the fastest-growing skill areas in cybersecurity, with projected 5-year growth of 164% and 115%, respectively.

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